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Local SEO Services

Maximize your search engine presence with our local SEO services. Being found at the top of Google can make or break a company. Being #1 more than 30% of all searchers looking for your services will visit your site. If you're on page 2, that's less than 1%. The good news is, Google loves local businesses because they know searchers prefer a local business they can trust. With our local SEO service, we will help you optimize your Google business listing and get ranked in the Google map too. This can take your company to the next level.

Web Design Services

Search engine optimization is a critical component of your online presence. But it goes hand in hand with your site and brand. As an Edmonton SEO agency, we can create and deliver an SEO strategy, that improves search results on Google. Everything from keyword research to link building. But we can also design you a website so that Google and potentials customers love. We have a team of web designers who understand how to create a website that gets visitors to pick up the phone or send an email. Find out more about our Edmonton Web Design.

Digital Marketing Consultants

Our team is not just an expert Edmonton SEO company, they are also experienced with all aspects of digital marketing, including Social media marketing, Google pay per click and email marketing. We are able to tailor our solutions to meet the needs of our Edmonton clients. We can deliver the service, help to create the SEO strategy or overall digital marketing strategy and then work with your team as they implement it. Whatever your business needs. If you're looking for a marketing company in Edmonton, contact us today for a 100% commitment-free estimate.

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An Edmonton SEO Company That Generates Revenue

There are many Edmonton SEO companies, but we know what actually matters. It's not rankings, it's not traffic to your website, it's increased sales. Getting visitors to pick up the phone and call.

Our experts become your experts

We have a team of SEO search experts, website developers and digital marketers available to help you dominate Google's search results and take your business to the next level.

You can focus on what you're great at!

Having us as your Edmonton SEO company means you can focus on servicing your existing and new clients that our SEO helps to generate.

Full transparency Edmonton SEO services

Together we'll set specific goals and show you the steps we are going to take to get there. SEO is just not about moving up in the rankings. It's about increasing sales and phone calls for your business.


We know you probably have a lot of questions. The thing is always to sit down for a free consultation so we can get a better understanding of what you need and what your goals are. But if you're looking for specific information before you pick up the phone here are some frequently asked questions.
The price for search engine results can vary greatly. SEO Edmonton has SEO companies offering services anything from $499 a month to $10,000 a month or more. We always create bespoke solutions, so our prices will always differ. It really depends on the competitiveness of the niche, the competition, the position of your website when we start. So we can't promise you a price before we speak but what can promise if full transparency at every step. We'll show you what we are going to charge and why, and most importantly, what SEO results we are targeting and by when.
Unlike most other Edmonton SEO services, we won't hold you to a fixed contract length. Getting good search engine results is not always straight forward or immediate, but at the same time, we want to be able to demonstrate our commitment by giving our clients the opportunity to measure our performance on a month-by-month basis and not be stuck.
There are no guarantees in Edmonton search engine optimization. That's because it really depends on your competition, and we don't know all of Google ranking factors. But, we work with full transparency including expected timelines and expected results, because most of the time, we get the SEO wins, we have strategized for.
Cool fact about SEO, it's actually delivered at a page-by-page level. The overall website is important to Google but search engine optimization is about looking at a specific page and seeing how it compares with your competitor's similar pages. With that said, in most cases, it takes 2-3 months to see some initial improvement. There are usually some quick SEO wins we can make that will generate some results, from there it's a gradual process but after 2-3 months you should see some wins and some positive trends.
Google loves relevancy, so the more content you have based around the same subject, the better. As long as it's well thought out and answers questions users may have. Search engine optimization is also about building authority too. Google loves trusted sites that represent a real company. The more traffic you have to the site, the better the user experience you deliver, the more Google sees you as an authority.
In SEO, relevancy and authority are essential and we are an SEO company Edmonton that has a team of writers to help clients create engaging website content for the purposed of user experience and search engine optimization.
As one of the premier Edmonton SEO services, we fully appreciate the importance of mobile SEO. Google has implemented a mobile-first indexing policy, which means they look at the mobile version of your website. As Edmonton SEO experts, we fully appreciate all the ranking signals for mobile SEO. From page-load speed to usability and we'll ensure you're not being punished for a poor performing mobile version. We will create websites that Google loves.
Edmonton AB is a great market for SEO for a number of reasons. Edmonton is a large city, with close to 1 million population. This means that you can focus your SEO on just Edmonton and get an abundance of competitors. But at the same time, with Edmonton being this large, it also means there will be plenty of competition.
But having offered SEO services in Edmonton for a number of years, we feel it's the sweet spot. With some effort, we will see rewards, but the results will be worth it.
Many of our Edmonton based clients ask us about the differences in results between PPC and SEO for Edmonton based businesses. The truth is, they both have a place. PPC is great because you can be getting results almost immediately, and the amount of business you can generate can be scaled. You can also easily target searches in Edmonton.
On the other hand, only 10% of searches will click on an advert, so you're missing out on 90% of Edmonton searches. Plus, it's going to come at an additional cost, you pay for clicks. With organic results, once you've paid to rank at the top of Google for Edmonton based searches, the is less of a cost to each conversion.
SEO requires an initial investment, and you have to wait a few months to see results, but once you are ranking at the top of the SERPs you'll get access to all those searches, not just 10% and the margins are better.
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